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February 3, 2006
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Triops sapiens by lady-of-many-hats Triops sapiens by lady-of-many-hats
I love my triops, I love them to bits. I can't wait to see them again in spring. *sigh*

In the meantime, here's some young anthromorphic triops playing catch-the-sphere. Damn the colours were hard to get...
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Wow, amazing detail! I think I know what my imaginary alter ego looks like! Anyway, I'm new on this website and tried to finish a comment. Oh well, Ill make a new one! My first triop was named Louiz. It could be a girl or boy name. After 5 days, yep, it died, my bro just yelled at me for taking the computer, sorry for the randomism but I could tell the difference between males and females. I dont want to explain again! Go on google and type pictures of triops males and females. and 5 minutes ago, Snoop died! it was not big enough to tell if it was a boy, or a girl. If you want to see a vid on youtube search bar type Triops Cancroformis, yes I have all A's SPELLING. It will show a triop eating upside down and later in the vid, it will show triops making nesting grounds! In the video, you will listen to litlte mermaid Under The Sea. Oh, and dont use BAD LANGUAGE!!!!Im a boy, 13, who needs a girl friend and more friends! PS im MORMON/ LDS.
Haha, yeah, I'm quite familliar with the way they move, though I haven't owned any since this picture was drawn in 2006. They're adorable!
I didn't know it was possible to tell the sexes apart just by looking though. Mine weren't Cancriformes, they were Longicaudatus, which are a different species that don't need water quite as warm. They're also a bit greyer and don't turn upside-down as much.

Triops are quite sensitive to direct sunlight and changes in temperature, as well as water quality. Maybe you can search online for tips on how to keep triops? It's strange that they would die just 5 days after hatching.
ADiN4Brawl Jan 27, 2011  Student General Artist
um...... YES!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!! :D
we had two triops longicaudatus, too (in fact 5, but they were eaten by the bigger ones),they died with the age of 118 days! i think we´ll try it again in fall
i have at least 15 triops but 4 were eaten by the big ones it was a terrible sight now ihave 11 T.T
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